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A hospitality veteran leading EM Hotels to excellence

EM Hotels 20/12/2023

A hospitality veteran leading EM Hotels to excellence

Carlos Monroy is the General Director of EM HOTELS and brings extensive experience in the hotel industry. His skills span various aspects of the field, including food and beverage, hotel management, hotel reservations, hotel management, and room division. Carlos has received specialized training in Revenue Management for Hotels, having a Diploma from the Externado de Colombia University.

Before joining lamzar EM Hotels a couple of years ago, Carlos was part of the "Dorado Plaza" hotel chain. During his tenure there, he leveraged his marketing and brand positioning expertise to enhance the hotel chain's national and international visibility. Under his leadership, the hotel chain underwent a split, leaving part in the hands of his brother, maintaining the Dorado Plaza name. Carlos founded his firm, EM Hotels, in honor of his parents, Eduardo, and his mother. From this moment on, EM Hotels began operating hotels in Colombia, including the Cartagena Plaza in Cartagena and the Andes Plaza in Bogotá. In addition, they began to market hotels in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Carlos' background in the hospitality industry reflects his dedication and passion for providing guest experiences.

Offering Comprehensive Hotel Solutions

At EM Hotels, the team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the conceptualization, construction, development, marketing and operation of various accommodation services in multiple brands and segments. They excel in hotel management and maintain a focus on quality certified hotels. The main objective is to achieve guest satisfaction, facilitate the development of the potential of its collaborators and deliver the highest possible profitability to investors.

The company's approach revolves around defining the product-service concept that can generate the highest return for investors, taking into account several factors, including market dynamics, location, and existing and future competition.

EM Hotels extends its advisory services to investors, guided by the chosen product-service concept. This guide covers aspects such as architectural planning, the design of technical systems and technological solutions, all aimed at optimizing investment, improving the hotel's operational efficiency and guaranteeing guest safety.

Leveraging its knowledge and experience, EM Hotels is an expert in achieving higher revenues and cost structure improvements that translate into tangible competitive advantages for its clients.

Its portfolio includes accommodation experiences in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, offering a wide range of options to satisfy the needs and preferences of travelers in these regions.

Commitment to lifelong learning

Carlos firmly believes in the continuous pursuit of learning and improvement, both in leadership and business skills. He actively enrolls in courses, seeks out new experiences, and avidly reads books that contribute to his growth as a leader in his field. Their approach involves seeing "problems" as opportunities for improvement and learning from them.

In Carlos's opinion, emerging leaders must possess several key qualities, including patience, a genuine willingness to learn, high levels of commitment, resilience in the face of challenges and the ability to positively influence others. These attributes are essential for personal and professional development in the leadership role.

Ideas to achieve positive change

Carlos highlights several key areas that he would like to see improved in society, the hospitality industry/organization, and people's lives.

  • Invest in building a culture of high trust.
  • Train and develop people exceptionally well.
  • Effective practices to recognize employees for a job well done.
Carlos also emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile to surprise and delight not only guests but employees as well. This commitment to exceptional service and a positive workplace can lead to better experiences and outcomes for everyone involved.

Navigating responsibility and joy in the hospitality industry

In his role as General Manager, Carlos has the important responsibility of overseeing the hotel's performance. Every decision you make directly influences the operational and strategic results of the Hotel. Despite the weight of these responsibilities, Carlos finds immense joy in his daily routine. It gives you great satisfaction to witness the happy expressions on the faces of both the guests and the dedicated hotel team. Knowing that you are working collectively to provide the best possible guest experiences is without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of your job.

Key traits for a high-performing team

Carlos places importance on several key traits when considering new team members. These include alignment with company principles and values, possessing the necessary knowledge and preparation, demonstrating leadership skills and proactive behavior, and showing a strong commitment to learning and contributing to continuous improvement.

When looking for people with these characteristics, Carlos looks for a strong, dynamic team that is aligned with the company's values and committed to achieving success and continuous improvement.

Fusing personalized technology

Carlos recognizes the high competition within the hotel sector, since new hotels continue to emerge year after year. To remain competitive and avoid falling behind, it is essential to embrace innovation and stay informed on the latest trends in hotel technology. Technology in the hospitality industry primarily revolves around improving the guest experience, streamlining operations, creating new revenue opportunities, and improving overall efficiency. Some of the innovations in the industry include “smart” lounges, mobile check-in and check-out, advanced AI-powered chatbots, and virtual reality integration, among them. While technology plays an increasingly important role in the industry, it is equally important that hotels do not overlook the personal interactions that guests expect and value. Balancing technological advances with personalized service remains a key consideration in the hospitality sector.

An inspiring vision

Carlos recognizes that the decision to create a new hotel chain and leave Dorado Plaza was a significant risk. Dorado Plaza had established itself as a recognized hotel chain in the South American hotel industry. Starting from scratch in such a competitive field is undoubtedly a challenging choice.

However, Carlos is optimistic about the future of EM Hotels. He envisions that within the next five years, EM Hotels will solidify its position as one of the most recognized multi-brand and multi-segment hotel marketers and operators in Colombia. This vision reflects his confidence and determination to lead the company towards greater recognition and success in the industry.

By 2030, Carlos and EM Hotels have the vision of becoming one of the most recognized multi-brand and multi-segment hotel marketers and operators in Colombia. Despite being a relatively new player in the hotel operation and marketing sector, they bring several years of valuable experience to the industry.

EM Hotels is dedicated to generating a positive impact on the Colombian hotel industry and actively participates in key events, fairs and forums worldwide. Its objective is to expand its market presence in foreign countries and further improve its position in the international hotel market.

Written by Steve Sánchez


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