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Colombia fell in love with the world through its 'Enchantment'

EM Hotels 06/06/2022
Many were the expectations generated by the Disney film, which paid tribute to Colombia from its many characteristics that represent it and classify it as one of the richest countries in the world when we talk about multiculturalism, fauna, flora and many other particularities.
There were innumerable 'winks' that the film made, so this time we are going to give you some of the most important references that were made evident. If you haven't seen the movie, it doesn't matter, reading this blog will help you get an idea of what you are going to find, so pay close attention.
The Biodiversity
Colombia is listed as one of the most megadiverse countries in the world according to the UN, being this holder of 14% of the planet's biodiversity. The film is focused on the Valle del Cócora where the Wax Palms are protagonists due to their large size, these being the largest in the world measuring up to 60 meters.
This is the ideal time to highlight the wide variety of flowers and vegetation that the film shows, where orchids play a very important role next to the Amazon jungle, two points that are the quota of colors that fill each scene of the film with life. madrigal family.
Due to the mix between Europeans, Africans and indigenous people, Colombia inherited the ability to transmit its miscegenation through musical rhythms, and of course, this could not go unnoticed in 'Encanto'. In the film you can enjoy the characters singing different representative genres of the country and certain regions such as vallenato, salsa and champeta, music originating in the Caribbean and a symbol of Cartagena's culture, which is the number 1 city in tourism in the country.
In addition, Disney took into account the importance of the artists who have been ambassadors of Colombian music around the world, because performers such as Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra are part of the soundtrack that composes the film that today garners praise and national and international recognition.
Those who have ever had an interest in Colombia know that one of its strengths is the high gastronomic variety and this is reinforced in the film where we see dishes very typical of the 'coffee growers' as they are affectionately known. The arepas in all their presentations, roasted, fried, sweet, salty, among others. The fritters, famous at Christmas time, the coffee and the pots from Valle del Cauca full of sweets are some of the references that we can see in the film.
The dressing
Due to the great cultural and climate variety in the different regions, Colombia has a diversity in the way of dressing that its inhabitants have. The characters in the film are distinguished by having specific outfits that even illustrate accessories that symbolize the country in the world.
  Mirabel's dress, the film's main character, is inspired by the colorful outfits worn by women from the municipality of Vélez, Santander, but she also carries a Wayuu backpack, originally from La Guajira. You can also see the difference between how to dress for cold weather and hot weather.
In the first, the use of ruanas is very common, very famous in the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, but on the other hand, there is the lightness that must be had to live on the coast, where the guayaberas accompanied by the predominant hat vueltiao' reinforce the imaginary of those who militate in the Colombian Caribbean.
Without a doubt, Colombia is a country rich in many points, this being one of its strongest attractions to be taken into account when thinking about incredible vacations for those who live inside and outside the country.
At the EM Hotels hotel chain, we know the tourist potential that the Colombian territory has, that is why we have a wide portfolio of allied hotels in the main cities of the country such as Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, the Coffee Region, Rosario Islands and Cartagena de Indians. Here you will get to know the wonderful places that the country has for tourists who want to enjoy Colombian culture.


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