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Culture, Flavors and Tradition:

EM Hotels 26/03/2024

Cartagena awaits you during Holy Week!

In Cartagena, in addition to our rich cultural traditions, we are known for the magnificent festivals that give life to our city. These events fill us with pride by highlighting our ancestral customs, thus safeguarding our cultural identity.

Thanks to this laudable initiative, we have the opportunity to make our traditions known to the millions of tourists who visit us during Holy Week. This era is not only significant for its religious heritage, which constitutes a cultural, architectural and historical treasure, but also for the vibrant atmosphere that is breathed in the streets of Cartagena.

The Historic Center and Gethsemane, with its set of seven temples still in use, transport us through time with their stories and impressive architecture. In addition, we can explore vestiges of cloisters and chapels that, although they have other uses today, preserve fascinating stories from the past. And what better way to enjoy this cultural wealth than accompanying it with the delicious traditional and new flavors that the Caribbean offers during the Sweet Festival?

If you visit Cartagena during Holy Week, you cannot miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in this great tradition that extends throughout all the holidays. In addition to religious activities, the city offers a variety of plans for all tastes and ages. From sporting events to family activities, there is something for everyone who wants to enjoy their vacation.

One of the highlights is the 5k race that runs through four temples in the Historic Center, scheduled for Easter Sunday under the name "Run and announce your faith." This is a unique and fun way to explore the charm of the Historic Center while practicing sports as a family.

The week's events agenda is available on our Instagram profile. We invite you to review it so that you can plan your stay and not miss a single moment of this exciting week in Cartagena. We hope to see you soon in our city full of history, culture and flavor!



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