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Do you know what to do in Santa Marta?

EM Hotels 20/11/2023

Exploring Santa Marta is like diving into a tropical dream that awakens all your senses! Here, nature overflows with life and embraces you with the warmth of the Caribbean. Get ready for a trip full of emotions and unforgettable discoveries.

Welcome to Santa Marta, the Pearl of the Caribbean:

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves kissing the shore and the first rays of sun caressing your face. That is just the prelude to what awaits you at the Hotel Tamacá by Em Hotels, a luxury refuge in the heart of Rodadero. This paradisiacal corner not only gives you impressive views of the bay, but invites you to immerse yourself directly in the crystalline waters that caress the hotel's private beach. Isn't this the perfect start to a dream vacation?

Explore the Soul of Santa Marta:

Your adventure is not complete without soaking up the rich history and culture of this Caribbean gem. The Gold Museum and the Anthropological and Ethnological Museum invite you on a journey through time, where each piece tells a fascinating story. Walk the cobblestone streets and marvel at the colonial houses that whisper secrets of bygone eras. Santa Marta is not just a city, it is a living testament to diversity and cultural heritage.

Epic Adventures in Nature:

If you are looking for the maximum connection with nature, the Tayrona National Natural Park and The Lost City are your must-see destinations. In Tayrona, the jungle meets the sea in a dance of biodiversity that will leave you breathless. From fine sandy beaches to sky-defying peaks, every corner is a natural masterpiece. And The Lost City? Imagine walking among ancient ruins and discovering the secrets of a lost civilization in the lush Sierra Nevada. This is a unique opportunity to lose yourself in the grandeur of nature and find your own sense of wonder.

These are just glimpses of what awaits you in Santa Marta. The city invites you to discover, feel and live each moment with intensity. From the luxurious comfort of Hotel Tamacá to the natural wonders that await around every corner, Santa Marta offers you more than a vacation; offers you an experience that will stay with you forever. Get ready to be carried away by the excitement of the Pearl of the Caribbean!


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