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Get to know the 'Charm' of Colombia with EM Hotels

EM Hotels 22/02/2022
Colombia is a country full of many virtues, cheerful, with warm and welcoming people that make it one of the most attractive destinations for local and world tourists, where each city has attractions, places and distinctives that enrich the desire to come to Colombia. this territory of Latin America.
Traveling through Colombia is a guarantee of enjoying every moment that you live inside it, because here you will find from the structures of the colonial era, to modern works that will dazzle you with their beauty and grandeur, but to this you have to add something that is essential and It is the great culture that each region has. It is as if you will travel to several countries within oneself, how crazy right? But don't worry, we will explain it to you below.
The capital of Columbia
Let's start with the heart of the nation and its capital Bogotá, which is made up of contrasts that will allow you to experience its colonial past, specifically in the iconic neighborhood of La Candelaria, where in the mythical Chorro de Quevedo, its founder Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada founded the city in 1539, which preserves in this neighborhood the architectures full of history.
Today this square is surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants that respect the spirit of the place and preserve the charm of its colonial houses, stone streets and monuments that make it even more beautiful.
On the other hand, there is the modern experience, surrounded by technology and innovation and that is why we speak of contrast, because if you go for a walk along the popular Seventh Avenue to the north, you will find incredible buildings such as the Torre Colpatria, which without It is certainly one of the most well-known landmarks in the city.
The city that everyone wants to visit
Continuing our tour of Colombia, another of the territories that captivates due to its enormous cultural and historical significance is Cartagena de Indias. This city is an example of the most beautiful colonial structures that are accompanied by the infinite Caribbean Sea that make it the number one tourist place in the country.
And it is that Cartagena gives tourists the best summer experience they have been looking for, but the Corralito de Piedra is more than that, because when we go to the Historic Center of the city, each street, house and detail, has impregnated the cultural and historical significance that represents an entire era that today is reflected in structures such as the walls, the San Felipe Castle, the San Pedro Claver church, the Clock Tower, the Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral and many more.
The most innovative and modern
From the Caribbean we go to the northwest of Colombia to reach the 'City of Eternal Spring', Medellín, a captivating city, with a pleasant climate and characterized by its friendly people, delicious food, the 'paisa' culture and host of the popular Flower Fair.
In 2013, Medellín was named the most innovative city in the world and it is not for less, it is home to the most efficient transportation system in the country, such as the Metro and its Metrocable, which will allow you to visit all the tourist sites of a convenient and economical way.
Medellin's climate, its mountainous landscape, its spectacular panoramic views and green spaces make tours of the city a seductive experience, as places like the Botanical Garden, the Pies Descalzos Park, the Berrío Park and the Lleras Park are sites that you can not stop visiting.
The same happens with the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Antioquia, dedicated to the works of the Colombian master Fernando Botero, whose sculptures adorn many areas of the city.
In addition, Medellín has Parque Explora, an interactive museum of science and technology where children and adults can learn and do a large number of activities.
Rhythm, flavor and joy
And this is how Cali is, the popular 'Sucursal del Cielo' is a city of tourist attractions with history, a very active cultural life and musical rhythms that have made it famous throughout the world.
Cali is distinguished in the world as the 'Capital of Salsa', because its musical rhythms are too contagious and thanks to its ethnic wealth, this city is characterized by its cheerful, friendly and affectionate people who transmit their passion for dance .
The 'Branch of Heaven' has a large number of options that you can visit, among these are religious symbols such as the Catholic church of La Ermita and the imposing Cristo Rey, a statue that resembles Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro.
But if you want to hit a 'dance', December is the ideal date to visit Cali, because in this month the Cali Fair is celebrated, which dresses the city in a party and fills the streets with joy accompanied by the rhythm of salsa.
Where the magic of coffee lives
Colorful towns, imposing green mountains and coffee plantations are part of the wonderful Western Andes that make up the Coffee Belt, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011.
And it is that here you will find unforgettable landscapes that can be enjoyed with the tranquility and peace offered by the abundant nature that surrounds this area of the country.
The colorful streets, full of crafts and beautiful houses will force you to make a stop that will take you on a magical journey before going to the Cocora Valley, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia.
It is undeniable that Colombia has an impressive wealth of tourism that should be included in your vacation plans, because traveling in Colombia is truly a privilege that will leave you with many photos and postcards that will remain in the hearts of those who decide to live an experience that cannot be explained. , because you have to live it for yourself.
At EM Hotels we think of these places to offer travelers like you, those hotels that will allow you to enjoy the most emblematic and visited cities in the country, because we have a wide portfolio that will give you the opportunity to stay in cities like Bogotá, Cartagena , Medellín, Cali, Eje Cafetero, Islas del Rosario and even in international destinations such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
You are only one step away from embarking on the most unforgettable experience of your life. Visit our website ( www.emhotels.com ) choose the first place and start this dream adventure


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