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The Sky Branch

EM Hotels 31/08/2022
Cali is one of the first cities founded in the Colombian Southwest, between the Cauca River, the mountains of the Western Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean. A municipality with almost 500 years of history.
Every corner lives, breathes and feels the rhythm and flavor of salsa, it is something that is definitely appreciated when having contact with people when listening to them speak with that singsong accent full of flavor, the warmth of the people that is perceived in a way incredible that they welcome you as if you were one of them.
One of the things to highlight about the culture of Cali is its gastronomy, where we find refreshing drinks, such as chontaduro juice with plenty of "hielito", a "shampoo" or its popular "cholao", which consists of a drink - dessert with fruit and crushed ice.
Among its 4,600 square meters, there is a spectacular gastronomic opportunity to refresh its visitors in the best way, thanks to the fact that they have the most exotic fruit such as Mangosteen and the most popular drink in Cali such as sugarcane juice. Sugar.
Its architecture does not go unnoticed, the mix between the classic - colonial and modern constructions tell us about the future of the city, becoming one of the attractions that the region offers to visitors.
Cali has a seasonal cycle of festivals that include the best and most characteristic expressions of the region, as is the case with some events such as:
IV International Theater Festival
XIV World Salsa Festival
XXXIII Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival
Fusion and Experimental Ajazzgo
A city that, yes or yes, we should visit to let ourselves be infected by all its deliciousness. Santiago de Cali recently obtained the award for Cultural City of South America, which makes the city distinguished internationally as an attractive destination for tourism.


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