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Culture, Flavors and Tradition:

Cartagena awaits you during Holy Week!

In Cartagena, in addition to our rich cultural traditions, we are known for the magnificent festivals that give life to our city. These events fill us with pride by highlighting our ancestral customs, thus safeguarding our cultural identity.

Thanks to this laudable initiative, we have the opportunity to make our traditions known to the millions of tourists who visit us during Holy Week. This era is not only significant for its religious heritage, which constitutes a cultural, architectural and historical treasure, but also for the vibrant atmosphere that is breathed in the streets of Cartagena.

The Historic Center and Gethsemane, with its set of seven temples still in use, transport us through time with their stories and impressive architecture. In addition, we can explore vestiges of cloisters and chapels that, although they have other uses today, preserve fascinating stories from the past. And what better way to enjoy this cultural wealth than accompanying it with the delicious traditional and new flavors that the Caribbean offers during the Sweet Festival?

If you visit Cartagena during Holy Week, you cannot miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in this great tradition that extends throughout all the holidays. In addition to religious activities, the city offers a variety of plans for all tastes and ages. From sporting events to family activities, there is something for everyone who wants to enjoy their vacation.

One of the highlights is the 5k race that runs through four temples in the Historic Center, scheduled for Easter Sunday under the name "Run and announce your faith." This is a unique and fun way to explore the charm of the Historic Center while practicing sports as a family.

The week's events agenda is available on our Instagram profile. We invite you to review it so that you can plan your stay and not miss a single moment of this exciting week in Cartagena. We hope to see you soon in our city full of history, culture and flavor!


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Silent party at the Cartagena Plaza Hotel: A Unique Experience

The Cartagena Plaza Hotel is distinguished by its constant innovation aimed at the satisfaction of its clients, and "La Rumba Silenciosa" stands as the differentiating element that stands out among the other hotels in the area.

In this new entertainment concept, you will enjoy a unique atmosphere with three different DJs, each fusing a different musical genre. Attendees can choose their preference through Bluetooth headphones, identifying each gender through specific colors.

This innovative proposal has numerous benefits, since it can be carried out in any space or event within the hotel without disturbing the tranquility of neighbors or guests. This aspect is especially crucial given the hotel's location, where noise and loud parties late into the night are not permitted.

Thanks to this new type of party, the worry of causing inconvenience to others will no longer be a problem. Book now this unique experience at the Cartagena Plaza Hotel, where you will live unforgettable moments that will accompany you as the best memories of this beautiful city.

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A hospitality veteran leading EM Hotels to excellence

A hospitality veteran leading EM Hotels to excellence

Carlos Monroy is the General Director of EM HOTELS and brings extensive experience in the hotel industry. His skills span various aspects of the field, including food and beverage, hotel management, hotel reservations, hotel management, and room division. Carlos has received specialized training in Revenue Management for Hotels, having a Diploma from the Externado de Colombia University.

Before joining lamzar EM Hotels a couple of years ago, Carlos was part of the "Dorado Plaza" hotel chain. During his tenure there, he leveraged his marketing and brand positioning expertise to enhance the hotel chain's national and international visibility. Under his leadership, the hotel chain underwent a split, leaving part in the hands of his brother, maintaining the Dorado Plaza name. Carlos founded his firm, EM Hotels, in honor of his parents, Eduardo, and his mother. From this moment on, EM Hotels began operating hotels in Colombia, including the Cartagena Plaza in Cartagena and the Andes Plaza in Bogotá. In addition, they began to market hotels in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Carlos' background in the hospitality industry reflects his dedication and passion for providing guest experiences.

Offering Comprehensive Hotel Solutions

At EM Hotels, the team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the conceptualization, construction, development, marketing and operation of various accommodation services in multiple brands and segments. They excel in hotel management and maintain a focus on quality certified hotels. The main objective is to achieve guest satisfaction, facilitate the development of the potential of its collaborators and deliver the highest possible profitability to investors.

The company's approach revolves around defining the product-service concept that can generate the highest return for investors, taking into account several factors, including market dynamics, location, and existing and future competition.

EM Hotels extends its advisory services to investors, guided by the chosen product-service concept. This guide covers aspects such as architectural planning, the design of technical systems and technological solutions, all aimed at optimizing investment, improving the hotel's operational efficiency and guaranteeing guest safety.

Leveraging its knowledge and experience, EM Hotels is an expert in achieving higher revenues and cost structure improvements that translate into tangible competitive advantages for its clients.

Its portfolio includes accommodation experiences in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, offering a wide range of options to satisfy the needs and preferences of travelers in these regions.

Commitment to lifelong learning

Carlos firmly believes in the continuous pursuit of learning and improvement, both in leadership and business skills. He actively enrolls in courses, seeks out new experiences, and avidly reads books that contribute to his growth as a leader in his field. Their approach involves seeing "problems" as opportunities for improvement and learning from them.

In Carlos's opinion, emerging leaders must possess several key qualities, including patience, a genuine willingness to learn, high levels of commitment, resilience in the face of challenges and the ability to positively influence others. These attributes are essential for personal and professional development in the leadership role.

Ideas to achieve positive change

Carlos highlights several key areas that he would like to see improved in society, the hospitality industry/organization, and people's lives.

  • Invest in building a culture of high trust.
  • Train and develop people exceptionally well.
  • Effective practices to recognize employees for a job well done.
Carlos also emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile to surprise and delight not only guests but employees as well. This commitment to exceptional service and a positive workplace can lead to better experiences and outcomes for everyone involved.

Navigating responsibility and joy in the hospitality industry

In his role as General Manager, Carlos has the important responsibility of overseeing the hotel's performance. Every decision you make directly influences the operational and strategic results of the Hotel. Despite the weight of these responsibilities, Carlos finds immense joy in his daily routine. It gives you great satisfaction to witness the happy expressions on the faces of both the guests and the dedicated hotel team. Knowing that you are working collectively to provide the best possible guest experiences is without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of your job.

Key traits for a high-performing team

Carlos places importance on several key traits when considering new team members. These include alignment with company principles and values, possessing the necessary knowledge and preparation, demonstrating leadership skills and proactive behavior, and showing a strong commitment to learning and contributing to continuous improvement.

When looking for people with these characteristics, Carlos looks for a strong, dynamic team that is aligned with the company's values and committed to achieving success and continuous improvement.

Fusing personalized technology

Carlos recognizes the high competition within the hotel sector, since new hotels continue to emerge year after year. To remain competitive and avoid falling behind, it is essential to embrace innovation and stay informed on the latest trends in hotel technology. Technology in the hospitality industry primarily revolves around improving the guest experience, streamlining operations, creating new revenue opportunities, and improving overall efficiency. Some of the innovations in the industry include “smart” lounges, mobile check-in and check-out, advanced AI-powered chatbots, and virtual reality integration, among them. While technology plays an increasingly important role in the industry, it is equally important that hotels do not overlook the personal interactions that guests expect and value. Balancing technological advances with personalized service remains a key consideration in the hospitality sector.

An inspiring vision

Carlos recognizes that the decision to create a new hotel chain and leave Dorado Plaza was a significant risk. Dorado Plaza had established itself as a recognized hotel chain in the South American hotel industry. Starting from scratch in such a competitive field is undoubtedly a challenging choice.

However, Carlos is optimistic about the future of EM Hotels. He envisions that within the next five years, EM Hotels will solidify its position as one of the most recognized multi-brand and multi-segment hotel marketers and operators in Colombia. This vision reflects his confidence and determination to lead the company towards greater recognition and success in the industry.

By 2030, Carlos and EM Hotels have the vision of becoming one of the most recognized multi-brand and multi-segment hotel marketers and operators in Colombia. Despite being a relatively new player in the hotel operation and marketing sector, they bring several years of valuable experience to the industry.

EM Hotels is dedicated to generating a positive impact on the Colombian hotel industry and actively participates in key events, fairs and forums worldwide. Its objective is to expand its market presence in foreign countries and further improve its position in the international hotel market.

Written by Steve Sánchez

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Do you know what to do in Santa Marta?

Exploring Santa Marta is like diving into a tropical dream that awakens all your senses! Here, nature overflows with life and embraces you with the warmth of the Caribbean. Get ready for a trip full of emotions and unforgettable discoveries.

Welcome to Santa Marta, the Pearl of the Caribbean:

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves kissing the shore and the first rays of sun caressing your face. That is just the prelude to what awaits you at the Hotel Tamacá by Em Hotels, a luxury refuge in the heart of Rodadero. This paradisiacal corner not only gives you impressive views of the bay, but invites you to immerse yourself directly in the crystalline waters that caress the hotel's private beach. Isn't this the perfect start to a dream vacation?

Explore the Soul of Santa Marta:

Your adventure is not complete without soaking up the rich history and culture of this Caribbean gem. The Gold Museum and the Anthropological and Ethnological Museum invite you on a journey through time, where each piece tells a fascinating story. Walk the cobblestone streets and marvel at the colonial houses that whisper secrets of bygone eras. Santa Marta is not just a city, it is a living testament to diversity and cultural heritage.

Epic Adventures in Nature:

If you are looking for the maximum connection with nature, the Tayrona National Natural Park and The Lost City are your must-see destinations. In Tayrona, the jungle meets the sea in a dance of biodiversity that will leave you breathless. From fine sandy beaches to sky-defying peaks, every corner is a natural masterpiece. And The Lost City? Imagine walking among ancient ruins and discovering the secrets of a lost civilization in the lush Sierra Nevada. This is a unique opportunity to lose yourself in the grandeur of nature and find your own sense of wonder.

These are just glimpses of what awaits you in Santa Marta. The city invites you to discover, feel and live each moment with intensity. From the luxurious comfort of Hotel Tamacá to the natural wonders that await around every corner, Santa Marta offers you more than a vacation; offers you an experience that will stay with you forever. Get ready to be carried away by the excitement of the Pearl of the Caribbean!

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National and International Fairs

Em hotels was present at large fairs in Colombia and internationally, promoting its offers from different national and international destinations.


EM HOTELS present at the Workshop held in the cities of Bogotá and Medellín with the objective of presenting to the different travel agents the news that Cartagena de Indias is having, in order to encourage clients to travel to the destination and enjoy all the excellent experiences it has to offer.


During the recent version of the REMA 2023 Fair in the city of Cali, EM HOTELS had the opportunity to present its tourism offer to the main agencies in the city of Cali where we presented new destinations and innovations of our hotels.


At this event, we had the opportunity to offer EM HOTELS product and/or service portfolios in cities such as Bucaramanga, Medellín, Cali and Pasto through advertising material to a significant number of travel agencies that came to learn about the news of the industry, as well as maintaining and generating new business relationships.


EM HOTELS was present at the most important MICE tourism and event generation fair in America in Mexico City, where we were able to present our wide offer in our different destinations for this segment.


With the help of Procolombia, EM HOTELS attended a training in the city of Buenos Aires, in order to publicize the different macro regions that our country contains, where we also had a Workshop, a cultural exhibition and gastronomic, where the destination's offer was presented.

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Travel Awards 2023

Colombia, a country highly admired for its tourism offering, continues to be a source of pride on world-class stages!

It is an honor to announce that our Cartagena Plaza and Andes Plaza hotels have shone on the world tourism stage at the 30th edition of the World Travel Awards.

Our Cartagena Plaza hotel has been awarded as "Colombia's Leading Hotel Suite", offering unparalleled luxury experiences in the heart of Cartagena. This is why our Suite, thanks to its new and innovative spaces, meets the expectations of our clients. So much so that we were winners of this important award, which demonstrates the work carried out together with our team of collaborators where, day after day, we offer our guests the best experience during their stay at the Cartagena Plaza hotel.

Likewise, our Andes Plaza hotel has been awarded as "Colombia's Leading Business Hotel", satisfying the needs with excellence of those clients who come to our country with the aim of establishing business opportunities. Betting on innovation and modernization of our spaces, proof of this are our new "Smart Room" rooms that are managed through voice commands; our restaurant "Lucía", which fuses the Mediterranean flavor with fresh aromas and ingredients, coming from the richness and native variety of the Andes.

In short, thanks to our family of collaborators and the constant innovation in which we maintain to continue highlighting our differential components among others, is what makes these recognitions continue to fill us with great pride. They are testimonies of our commitment to excellence, innovation and exceptional hospitality that sets us apart and will continue to provide daily to our clients.

Thank you for being part of our success!

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What to do in Santa Marta?

This beautiful colonial city is located in the Colombian Caribbean of Magdalena and a few kilometers from the Sierra Nevada. It is a fascinating destination filled with many programs and places to visit.
The capital of the department of Magdalena has become one of the most valued vacation destinations by Colombians and foreigners, thanks to its various tourism programs, such as ecological, adventure, archaeological or enjoying the breeze, the sand and the sea.
This makes it one of the main tools for the economic and social development of the sector, which is why it has become a very important employment opportunity in the tourism services industry, thus ensuring that all tourists can keep their promises, achieve vacation getaways like never before, and get to know the most iconic places such as:
· The beaches of Taganga: This magical place is located just 15 minutes from the historic center where you can find a variety of plans such as enjoying a great viewpoint, beautiful ecological walks, it also has Snorkeling, a fantastic plan to get to know the ecosystem sea and admire its various forms of life such as fish of all species, magnificent hard and soft corals.
· Tayrona National Natural Park: It is characterized by having spectacular crystalline beaches with white sand, which is a fixed attraction for both natives and foreigners. This park is divided into Bahía Concha, Palanga, Calabazo and the entrance to Zaino, a perfect place for ecological plans, since it has routes with beautiful landscapes, which reach the famous Cañaveral pool, Arrecifes pool and lastly the most important Cabo San Juan del Guía, a favorite place for all lovers who like to camp outdoors, without a doubt a place that we highly recommend and you cannot miss.
· Paseo Maritimo del Camellón: This is the perfect place to take a spectacular tour that will allow you to admire beautiful unforgettable sunsets, take a good swim in the bay and finally delight your palate with the wide variety of gastronomic offer that you can find throughout this ride.
Parque de los Novios: Located in the historic center of Santa Marta, it is the perfect place for couples thanks to the surrounding architecture and perfect for eating or enjoying good music, as there is a wide variety of bars and restaurants. which you can enjoy to the fullest
· Authentic Colombian town Minca: It is a magical place which has to offer different activities and places to visit and take you the best experience, such as the Marinka Waterfall, a beautiful viewpoint of the pines, Kennedy hill, the coffee tour or cocoa at Hacienda la Victoria, the perfect place to taste a delicious authentic Colombian coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and along with these wonders there is a wide variety of plans that you can enjoy to the fullest and take home the best memories of this city.

These are just a few of the variety of activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful destination. Dare to visit this paradise and I assure you that you will be able to take the best memories in the department of Magdalena.

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What to do in Medellin?

The city of "Eternal Spring" as it is popularly known due to the spectacular weather it presents throughout the year. It lends itself to wearing incredible outfits.

Medellín is characterized by its great variety of tourist plans that it has to offer, both for tourists and natives, and the main places that we recommend you visit are the following:

  • Guatape: It is characterized by being a very colorful place, generating positive vibes to those who visit it, in its colorful streets you will find loose umbrellas that give a special touch to the place, you will also find craft shops where you can enjoy products made by hand by Colombians, allowing you to you can take that memory to your home. One of the main recommendations is that you visit this place in the early hours because it has a large flow of visitors throughout the day.

  • La Piedra del Peñol: It is one of the most emblematic places in Guatapé, since it is a 220-meter-high monolith (large stone block), known for being one of the largest in the world and for having the belief that which is about 65 million years old. To get there you will have to climb 702 steps, if you are a person who likes sports, it is one of the best plans for you; since going up costs a bit of work, but I inform you that it will be worth living this experience. At the top of this stone you can admire a beautiful view; buy souvenirs as souvenirs of your visit and enjoy the food and drinks that they offer there.

  • The paisa village: It is located at the top of Cerro Nutibara, with an area of 33 hectares and a height of 80 meters above the level of the city . It is one of the most visited tourist sites thanks to the fact that it preserves the Antioquian tradition, which is reflected in its handicrafts, gastronomy and local architecture; the view of Medellin and the mountains that run through the Valle de Aburrá is incredible.

  • Santa Fe de Antioquia: You will find colonial architecture, cobbled streets and colorful houses with wooden windows. It is located 1 hour and a half from Medellín, and is considered by many to be the cradle of the Paisa culture and the mother city of the department of Antioquia.

  • Commune 13: This commune was known as "Pablo Escobar's cradle", where long ago it was an epicenter of violence. Today it has great tourist and cultural activity, since it presents us with the social and artistic transformation it has had, which is why it contains a famous tour called Graffiti Tour, which lasts approximately 4 hours. This promotes the development of works and graffiti that make the construction and social transformation of the culture of Medellin inclusive.

These are just some of the many places that this incredible city has to offer so that you can take home the best memory without a doubt, and rest assured, you will want to come back and continue enjoying many more attractions and relive this experience.

We also recommend an extremely important event, which is the famous Feria de las Flores. Every year thousands of people gather around this festival, conceived to remember, exalt and perpetuate the values of Antioquia.

The activities that give life to the Flower Fair are multiple, there are usually more than 450 events, including musicals in all the city's neighborhoods, especially the most popular ones. What are you waiting for to live this experience?

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6 Things to do in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is one of the cities with sites that contain a lot of history, due to being one of the first cities with a colonial zone. Clearly this steals the looks when arriving at the island , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990.

In this way we recommend these 6 places that you cannot miss upon your arrival, without a doubt they will make your stay unmissable along with historical sites that are worth a visit, while you instruct yourself in the streets with buildings from the early 1500s onwards . These are our most recommended places:

  • Alcázar de Colon : It was the home of the family of the son of Christopher Columbus, and today it operates as a museum, you will enjoy its history.

  • Ozama Fortress : It is from the year 1502 and it has a medieval tower that served to defend itself against pirates, since from there there was a wide field of vision of the river and the entrance to the sea.

  • Parque de la Independencia : Independence from Haiti was declared here in 1844 (since until then the entire island was under Haitian rule).

  • The colorful Calle Hostos : This street, apart from being so colorful, is one of the most important for being the main street in one of the most iconic films, such as The Godfather . two in 1974 .

  • La Casa de la Moneda : It is located in a renovated colonial house and it is not one of the typical visits, but since 1972 the Dominican Numismatic Museum .

  • El Malecón de Santo Domingo : George Washington Avenue borders the Caribbean Sea for 14 kilometers, which makes it a perfect ideal walk by the sea.

These are not all, but some of the places with the greatest history and that will delight you with your friends and family in an incredible stay when visiting the beautiful Island of Santo Domingo. Come and meet " The primate city of America". As it is known by many and appreciated by all.

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The Sky Branch

Cali is one of the first cities founded in the Colombian Southwest, between the Cauca River, the mountains of the Western Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean. A municipality with almost 500 years of history.
Every corner lives, breathes and feels the rhythm and flavor of salsa, it is something that is definitely appreciated when having contact with people when listening to them speak with that singsong accent full of flavor, the warmth of the people that is perceived in a way incredible that they welcome you as if you were one of them.
One of the things to highlight about the culture of Cali is its gastronomy, where we find refreshing drinks, such as chontaduro juice with plenty of "hielito", a "shampoo" or its popular "cholao", which consists of a drink - dessert with fruit and crushed ice.
Among its 4,600 square meters, there is a spectacular gastronomic opportunity to refresh its visitors in the best way, thanks to the fact that they have the most exotic fruit such as Mangosteen and the most popular drink in Cali such as sugarcane juice. Sugar.
Its architecture does not go unnoticed, the mix between the classic - colonial and modern constructions tell us about the future of the city, becoming one of the attractions that the region offers to visitors.
Cali has a seasonal cycle of festivals that include the best and most characteristic expressions of the region, as is the case with some events such as:
IV International Theater Festival
XIV World Salsa Festival
XXXIII Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival
Fusion and Experimental Ajazzgo
A city that, yes or yes, we should visit to let ourselves be infected by all its deliciousness. Santiago de Cali recently obtained the award for Cultural City of South America, which makes the city distinguished internationally as an attractive destination for tourism.
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Colombia fell in love with the world through its 'Enchantment'

Many were the expectations generated by the Disney film, which paid tribute to Colombia from its many characteristics that represent it and classify it as one of the richest countries in the world when we talk about multiculturalism, fauna, flora and many other particularities.
There were innumerable 'winks' that the film made, so this time we are going to give you some of the most important references that were made evident. If you haven't seen the movie, it doesn't matter, reading this blog will help you get an idea of what you are going to find, so pay close attention.
The Biodiversity
Colombia is listed as one of the most megadiverse countries in the world according to the UN, being this holder of 14% of the planet's biodiversity. The film is focused on the Valle del Cócora where the Wax Palms are protagonists due to their large size, these being the largest in the world measuring up to 60 meters.
This is the ideal time to highlight the wide variety of flowers and vegetation that the film shows, where orchids play a very important role next to the Amazon jungle, two points that are the quota of colors that fill each scene of the film with life. madrigal family.
Due to the mix between Europeans, Africans and indigenous people, Colombia inherited the ability to transmit its miscegenation through musical rhythms, and of course, this could not go unnoticed in 'Encanto'. In the film you can enjoy the characters singing different representative genres of the country and certain regions such as vallenato, salsa and champeta, music originating in the Caribbean and a symbol of Cartagena's culture, which is the number 1 city in tourism in the country.
In addition, Disney took into account the importance of the artists who have been ambassadors of Colombian music around the world, because performers such as Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra are part of the soundtrack that composes the film that today garners praise and national and international recognition.
Those who have ever had an interest in Colombia know that one of its strengths is the high gastronomic variety and this is reinforced in the film where we see dishes very typical of the 'coffee growers' as they are affectionately known. The arepas in all their presentations, roasted, fried, sweet, salty, among others. The fritters, famous at Christmas time, the coffee and the pots from Valle del Cauca full of sweets are some of the references that we can see in the film.
The dressing
Due to the great cultural and climate variety in the different regions, Colombia has a diversity in the way of dressing that its inhabitants have. The characters in the film are distinguished by having specific outfits that even illustrate accessories that symbolize the country in the world.
  Mirabel's dress, the film's main character, is inspired by the colorful outfits worn by women from the municipality of Vélez, Santander, but she also carries a Wayuu backpack, originally from La Guajira. You can also see the difference between how to dress for cold weather and hot weather.
In the first, the use of ruanas is very common, very famous in the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, but on the other hand, there is the lightness that must be had to live on the coast, where the guayaberas accompanied by the predominant hat vueltiao' reinforce the imaginary of those who militate in the Colombian Caribbean.
Without a doubt, Colombia is a country rich in many points, this being one of its strongest attractions to be taken into account when thinking about incredible vacations for those who live inside and outside the country.
At the EM Hotels hotel chain, we know the tourist potential that the Colombian territory has, that is why we have a wide portfolio of allied hotels in the main cities of the country such as Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, the Coffee Region, Rosario Islands and Cartagena de Indians. Here you will get to know the wonderful places that the country has for tourists who want to enjoy Colombian culture.
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Get to know the 'Charm' of Colombia with EM Hotels

Colombia is a country full of many virtues, cheerful, with warm and welcoming people that make it one of the most attractive destinations for local and world tourists, where each city has attractions, places and distinctives that enrich the desire to come to Colombia. this territory of Latin America.
Traveling through Colombia is a guarantee of enjoying every moment that you live inside it, because here you will find from the structures of the colonial era, to modern works that will dazzle you with their beauty and grandeur, but to this you have to add something that is essential and It is the great culture that each region has. It is as if you will travel to several countries within oneself, how crazy right? But don't worry, we will explain it to you below.
The capital of Columbia
Let's start with the heart of the nation and its capital Bogotá, which is made up of contrasts that will allow you to experience its colonial past, specifically in the iconic neighborhood of La Candelaria, where in the mythical Chorro de Quevedo, its founder Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada founded the city in 1539, which preserves in this neighborhood the architectures full of history.
Today this square is surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants that respect the spirit of the place and preserve the charm of its colonial houses, stone streets and monuments that make it even more beautiful.
On the other hand, there is the modern experience, surrounded by technology and innovation and that is why we speak of contrast, because if you go for a walk along the popular Seventh Avenue to the north, you will find incredible buildings such as the Torre Colpatria, which without It is certainly one of the most well-known landmarks in the city.
The city that everyone wants to visit
Continuing our tour of Colombia, another of the territories that captivates due to its enormous cultural and historical significance is Cartagena de Indias. This city is an example of the most beautiful colonial structures that are accompanied by the infinite Caribbean Sea that make it the number one tourist place in the country.
And it is that Cartagena gives tourists the best summer experience they have been looking for, but the Corralito de Piedra is more than that, because when we go to the Historic Center of the city, each street, house and detail, has impregnated the cultural and historical significance that represents an entire era that today is reflected in structures such as the walls, the San Felipe Castle, the San Pedro Claver church, the Clock Tower, the Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral and many more.
The most innovative and modern
From the Caribbean we go to the northwest of Colombia to reach the 'City of Eternal Spring', Medellín, a captivating city, with a pleasant climate and characterized by its friendly people, delicious food, the 'paisa' culture and host of the popular Flower Fair.
In 2013, Medellín was named the most innovative city in the world and it is not for less, it is home to the most efficient transportation system in the country, such as the Metro and its Metrocable, which will allow you to visit all the tourist sites of a convenient and economical way.
Medellin's climate, its mountainous landscape, its spectacular panoramic views and green spaces make tours of the city a seductive experience, as places like the Botanical Garden, the Pies Descalzos Park, the Berrío Park and the Lleras Park are sites that you can not stop visiting.
The same happens with the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Antioquia, dedicated to the works of the Colombian master Fernando Botero, whose sculptures adorn many areas of the city.
In addition, Medellín has Parque Explora, an interactive museum of science and technology where children and adults can learn and do a large number of activities.
Rhythm, flavor and joy
And this is how Cali is, the popular 'Sucursal del Cielo' is a city of tourist attractions with history, a very active cultural life and musical rhythms that have made it famous throughout the world.
Cali is distinguished in the world as the 'Capital of Salsa', because its musical rhythms are too contagious and thanks to its ethnic wealth, this city is characterized by its cheerful, friendly and affectionate people who transmit their passion for dance .
The 'Branch of Heaven' has a large number of options that you can visit, among these are religious symbols such as the Catholic church of La Ermita and the imposing Cristo Rey, a statue that resembles Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro.
But if you want to hit a 'dance', December is the ideal date to visit Cali, because in this month the Cali Fair is celebrated, which dresses the city in a party and fills the streets with joy accompanied by the rhythm of salsa.
Where the magic of coffee lives
Colorful towns, imposing green mountains and coffee plantations are part of the wonderful Western Andes that make up the Coffee Belt, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011.
And it is that here you will find unforgettable landscapes that can be enjoyed with the tranquility and peace offered by the abundant nature that surrounds this area of the country.
The colorful streets, full of crafts and beautiful houses will force you to make a stop that will take you on a magical journey before going to the Cocora Valley, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia.
It is undeniable that Colombia has an impressive wealth of tourism that should be included in your vacation plans, because traveling in Colombia is truly a privilege that will leave you with many photos and postcards that will remain in the hearts of those who decide to live an experience that cannot be explained. , because you have to live it for yourself.
At EM Hotels we think of these places to offer travelers like you, those hotels that will allow you to enjoy the most emblematic and visited cities in the country, because we have a wide portfolio that will give you the opportunity to stay in cities like Bogotá, Cartagena , Medellín, Cali, Eje Cafetero, Islas del Rosario and even in international destinations such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
You are only one step away from embarking on the most unforgettable experience of your life. Visit our website ( www.emhotels.com ) choose the first place and start this dream adventure
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EM Hotels and a successful launch tour!

Our hotel chain successfully completed its launch stage where it had the opportunity to visit the main cities of the country and also important international events.
In December, the last activities were carried out that closed the launch period that sought to make the EM Hotels hotel chain known with the different hotels and plans that are part of our promising organization.
Final journey with gifts and surprises through Colombia
At the local level, the launch events that took place in the cities of Medellín, Cali and Pereira were carried out and were in charge of Gustavo Pinedo, Marketing Manager, where the attendance was as expected by the guests who were composed of agents of travel and tourism professionals.
On December 3, in the city of Medellín, Hotel Diez received the entire EM Hotels team that began the last leg of its launch tour where around 40 people were present.
On the other hand, Cali had its turn on December 10, where the Hotel Azor, marketed by the hotel chain, opened its doors to receive each of the guests who also had the opportunity to learn about the Sucursal del Cielo plan, the which seeks that tourists can live the entire experience of the culture of Cali in a Night Tour dedicated to Salsa.
The last destination was Pereira, where all expectations were met with 100% of the capacity completed. The capital of Risaralda offered us its hospitality to lead to a successful day that culminated with gifts and surprises at the end of the Christmas season.
Present at major international events
EM Hotels traveled to the Southern Cone of Latin America to attend the International Tourism Fair (FIT), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it was officially presented as a hotel chain. Thanks to the efforts of the Operational Manager, Dorey Carcamo and Anibal Gittlein, representative of that area, we were able to create new relationships that will surely have a positive impact on the organization's objectives.
But we are not satisfied with that and we went to the European continent where one of the most important events for tourism in the world took place, such as the IBTM World, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, was attended by EM Hotels, led by Henry Vesga, Commercial Manager of the central zone (Colombia) and Brazil, had the opportunity to begin to open links with foreign agents and promote our brand in order to strengthen the national market.
2022 represents many challenges for EM Hotels, including continuing to grow and being recognized in the tourism environment. From now on, the work team points its gaze to the recognition and consolidation process that it hopes will be as successful as the launch stage.
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Hotel Cartagena Plaza finalist in the 2021 National Tourism Awards

Nominated in the category 'Strategy of the year: adapting to the new normal', Procolombia recognized our transformation work in the midst of the pandemic.
The government tourism organization, Procolombia, announced on November 30 the finalists of the National Tourism Awards in its 2021 version, where we entered the nomination of 'Strategy of the year' that was focused on the capacity for adaptation and response that The organizations of the hotel industry had because of the health crisis due to COVID-19.
A united team will never be defeated
We are proud to belong to the podium of the three finalists who are exalted for their commitment and ability to face the difficult situation that affected the world, and that today gives us the opportunity to be recognized for not lowering our arms. We understood that it was essential to keep our work team to face an eventuality that nobody expected.
Each piece internally and externally helped us maintain resilience; adapting and appropriating the technological tools, we managed to continue operating, maintaining our work team and the relationship with our clients, collaborators and suppliers, understanding that these were crucial actors for us, as we were for them and the families who also suffered from the inevitable fear of suffering the consequences of unexpected confinement.
We face the challenges and we overcome them!
Thanks to the efforts and the capacity to adapt, we are an example of improvement that kept all its operational personnel, offering all the alternatives so that they were not affected in the least and gradually training us for the reactivation that arrived and found us prepared to return. to offer our services, prioritizing the care of all with an exhaustive control of prevention measures and respecting each of the guidelines established by health and government entities that brought us the certification of the biosafety seals endorsed by the Ministry of Health .
The reward came ...
We feel like winners because we take full advantage of digital migration to make ourselves strong there, understanding that it was the new way of selling ourselves, so we were forced to undergo a transformation in the web portal, social networks and implementation of new instruments such as the Chatbot, that helped us to continue to be present for the travelers who little by little were returning and that thanks to this work of web positioning, linked to the service for them, promoted us among the hotels preferred by tourists, becoming number 15 in 282 in the city of Cartagena according to the world's largest travel platform, Tripadvisor.
Today we are part of the top of hotels that are recognized for their great dedication and effort to get ahead and achieve success despite the complex situation of 2020, but it would be unfair to award ourselves this merit on a personal basis because we are aware that it was an integrated work where clients, suppliers, collaborators and all those who contributed to continue providing unforgettable experiences to our visitors.
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Launch events of the hotel chain EM HOTELS continue in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali

The EM HOTELS commercial team's agenda began on November 4 in the cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla.
Launching events for the new EM HOTELS Hotel Chain continue in the big cities of the country. This time the opportunity was for the city of Bogotá, calling on agents and tour operators to learn about their new packages and the properties that the new hotel chain is marketing.
Full capacity in Bogotá
Tourism professionals in the Colombian capital shared with the commercial team of Hotel Andes Plaza at the launch lunch organized by EM HOTELS. About 40 local agents and businessmen from the tourism sector met this Friday, November 26, to learn about the news of the new chain.
"From the Andes Plaza Hotel, and all its management team, we welcome with joy the arrival of this new brand that was born with us and our sister hotel Cartagena Plaza. On our part, we are putting all our efforts in the marketing objectives that we have planned from the beginning. start of the pandemic. It has been a difficult road loaded with many challenges, but we have strengthened and stood up with much more enthusiasm and commitment for the reactivation of our sector. " During the event, Patricia Argote, Sales Director of Hotel Andes Plaza, declared.
Events calendar in Medellín, Cali and Pereira
The commercial conferences and brand launch events led by the Marketing Manager of EM HOTELS, Gustavo Pinedo Polo, will continue in the coming days in the cities of Medellín (December 3); Cali (December 10) and Pereira (December 17). "The reactivation of the tourism sector at a national and international level is already a reality. It has driven and motivated us to take unimaginable paths for the growth and strengthening of our brand. Today we can say with great confidence that we continue to bet on our product, on experiences that the traveler, be it business or vacation, will be able to find in the destinations we operate ". Gustavo Pinedo manifests.
EM Hotels is present at workshops and international fairs
Simultaneously with the launch events, the hotel chain has spared no effort to boost its brand and begin to position itself in new markets. This is how throughout the months of September, October and November it has fulfilled commercial agendas in Mexico, Italy, the United States and recently in Peru, building new alliances and adding allies in the most attractive destinations for tourism in Latin America and around. of the world.
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EM HOTELS continues to add allies for Colombia and the world

Peru, Bogotá and Medellín were the destinations visited by the hotel chain that was present at the events that took place from November 17 to 22.
Medellín and Bogotá as epicenters of the reunion
The EM Hotels chain attended the country's capital, Bogotá, the traditional Ladevi Workshops, an event that since 2020 brings together the most important tourism professionals and which this year aimed to search for strategies to support the reactivation of Colombia and the world in this economic sector. The company Ladevi Medios y Soluciones chose these two important cities in the country to hold workshops where participants found a space to meet again, share and generate alliances that were postponed by the health crisis of COVID-19.
The Director of Recruitment and Product of EM Hotels, Claudia Gray Batista, was in charge of the commercial management of the different hotels that are part of the broad portfolio managed by the organization.
More than 40 participants were present in the city of Medellín on November 18, where the attendees took good feelings and lessons to be applied in their commercial negotiations. Some of the attendees who were part of the group of participants were: EM Hotels Turkish Airlines. PriceTravel. Booking Assistance. Copa Airlines, among others.
Bogotá points to tourism growth
With an ambitious look at being the most touristic city in the country, the capital of Colombia carried out with great enthusiasm the 'Great Holiday Fair 2021', which was undoubtedly an innovative initiative that seeks to promote the offer of visitors to Bogotá and the entire region. This campaign was carried out within the framework of the week 'Reactiva Turismo 2021' that took place on November 20 and 21, in which people were invited to attend for free to learn about the different plans to travel at the time Christmas and New Year's Eve.
The EM Hotels hotel chain was present with the support of the sales director of the Andes Plaza Hotel in Bogotá, Patricia Argote, who on behalf of the hotel chain kept the appointment and was in charge of promoting the different travel packages in the center of Ágora Bogotá conventions, where travel plans and packages were offered to encourage guests to spend a different vacation and help with the reactivation of tourism in the city.
International expansion is a reality
At the head of the Marketing Manager of EM Hotels, Gustavo Pinedo Polo, the commercial management was carried out in Peru for the generation of new allies in cooperation with the Solange Reps agency, an event in which a space was held to show culture Colombian and the wide range of offers for the promotion of national and international tourism in both countries. The event, which had about 50 attendees, was also attended by representatives of the airline Viva Air and Procolombia.
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Know Six benefits that travel can bring to your health

Who doesn't love to travel? Proof of this is that so far in 2021, Colombians have made more than 10 million trips, according to statistics provided by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism - MinCIT.
Buying tickets, packing your luggage, planning activities to be carried out and then embarking on an adventure are activities that many people love and of course, they greatly increase emotions; The best thing is that unlike so many other things that provide pleasure, everything that involves traveling not only completely lacks contraindications, but, according to various scientific studies, it brings a large number of health benefits, in this blog you we show some of them:
1. Anti stress medicine
Without a doubt, traveling reduces stress, this seems the most obvious of the benefits. No matter how short your trip may seem and even if it is to a destination not too far away, getting out of the routine allows you to disconnect and find tranquility, leave your worries and anguish behind to enjoy the present. It is worth mentioning that for this benefit to be fulfilled, everything will depend on you, because the attitude is very important, you must go with a lot of desire to enjoy, know and put aside the routine.
2. Your brain will appreciate it.
Until some time ago it was believed that the human brain, from adulthood, is no longer modified, however, science has shown the opposite, many situations, landscapes, sounds and aromas, in addition to making a mental map of the place in which one is or having to communicate in another language stimulates the brain and makes it more creative. It is worth mentioning that traveling, according to several scientific studies, manages to bring benefits to the brain even to people who already have a neurological disease.
3. Strengthens the heart
As you read it, a study conducted by the Global Coalition On Aging, in the United States, determined that traveling helps reduce the risk of heart attack, especially for older people. We want to emphasize that physical activity derived from travel is beneficial for anyone, especially for those who have a very sedentary daily routine.
4. It will improve your self-esteem
Traveling is almost always synonymous with challenges: moving around, adapting to an unknown place, interacting with its people, sometimes dealing with problems such as differences in customs, culture and languages, entails a series of inconveniences that can be fun and even more. the search for the resources to solve them and be able to get ahead, it is these types of situations that provide benefits to enhance self-esteem as few other things can. The best thing about traveling is that it is something that will last a lifetime, as it becomes a source of future memories and anecdotes to tell.
5. You will value what you have
Often after a trip many people value much more what they have and stop complaining (or complain less) about what they lack, which also leads to greater emotional well-being. The situations that you will experience during your trip will undoubtedly also help you to have a broader vision and you will be able to face problems in a better way.
6. The way to happiness
Traveling provides greater happiness than buying things, that has been one of the conclusions reached by the psychologist Thomas Gilovich, in his studies on happiness. The main reason why this occurs is based on the fact that stored memories and the sum of experiences provide long-term pleasure and well-being, much longer than the satisfaction you feel when buying something lasts.
This is not a surprise, since many people, although it has been a long time to have traveled, check the gallery of their cell phones or cameras and smile remembering those moments lived during the adventure.
If you are looking for a way to escape the monotony, in addition to taking advantage of all the benefits that traveling can bring to your life, discover incredible destinations to enjoy the best experiences with EM HOTELS.
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The Good, the curious and the charming! of the Sal de Zipaquirá Cathedral

Although visiting the First Wonder of Colombia was not among the plans of the Festive Bridge - Well, I certainly prefer warm climates with sun, beach and sand ... - the effort of my best friend when trying to agree between the destinations to visit the End de Semana left me without many options: -Let's go to Bogotá! I want to know the Cathedral of Salt ... - As if he had written it down in his favorite places to be seen, in a couple of minutes he was filled with arguments and managed to convince me to be part of this new adventure.

We took a flight on Saturday, and we arrived in Bogotá at around 5:15 in the afternoon. Upon arrival, we planned the activities of our stay in the capital during the long weekend and after visiting various places in Bogotá, finally on Monday we headed to the municipality of Zipaquirá.

We left the Hotel at around 8:00 in the morning. The tour took us about 40 minutes leaving Bogotá. Great flow of cars. But nothing overwhelming and less with the beautiful landscapes that adorn the savannah. When we arrived in Zipaquirá, the first thing we noticed was the entrance to the town, very different from the municipalities we knew: A subtly elaborated arch in reddish bricks that welcome visitors to this wonderful place. Handicraft sales, shopping center and "piqueteaderos" on each side are at the entrance to Zipaquirá. Although our plan also included getting to know the town, we preferred to go first to the Cathedral and start our tour there:

The good:
If you have your own car, have two large parking areas: one located at the top of the mountain and another much higher up, closer to the entrance to the Mine, perfect if you go with small children, the elderly, or people with reduced mobility, as they will not have to climb steps.

The Cathedral is just one of the attractions that make up the "Salt Park" as such, outside of it you will find an amphitheater where events are held; a labyrinth to play with children, a square with a food court; several places with sale of souvenirs; there is also a wall to climb, and a zip line (*) to slide if this type of activity catches your eye.

Despite the altitude, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm the weather is quite manageable.

At the time of buying your tickets there is very specific information about the routes and the options you have. In the same way there is always a guide available to explain everything you need about the park. At the entrance to the mine, there are guides every 15 minutes who organize you into groups and make a station with stories and interesting facts about the place and the different sections of the mine: The Way of the Cross, The Dome and ships. Very important: Paramedics and first aid personnel are always in view of visitors for any type of emergency that may arise. The entrance is not expensive. You can spend between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 pesos per adult. You can purchase additional tours from $ 3,000 pesos, depending on what catches your attention. If you want to know in addition to the park, part of Zipaquirá, we recommend you buy the tour on the famous Train and take a tour of this beautiful municipality.

Inside the Salt Mine, there are strategically placed signage for your orientation in Spanish and English. If you get lost, there are always park staff to help you get back on track. After the walks you can always buy sweets or something to "snack" inside the salt mine to recharge. Ideally, you should enter with at least one bottle of water for the journey, as the journey inside lasts approximately two (2) hours.

The curious:
Like a large amusement park, in the Parque de la Sal there is a whole organized system for its operation. All the staff working there are focused and committed to their work; intercommunicated by radio at all times and in fact they wear uniforms similar to those of a real miner: with helmets, vest and boots.

Make important calls and messages before entering the Mine, because at a depth of 180 meters, the signal for your mobile phone is usually lost. Rather, focus on taking a good amount of photos or if you prefer to save battery for when you go out, there is a staff equipped with professional cameras who can take the photos for you and give them to you on the way out as a souvenir. The mine, gentlemen, is also rented for events, and wedding receptions ... 180 meters deep.

The Enchanting
Among all the sites that are in the square before entering the mine, the Monument in the Plaza del Minero made of steel is perfect for a memorable selfie.

Once inside the tunnel the majesty surrounds you. Although the place is quite dark, the lighting details to highlight the carved stone figures are incredible. There are places where one would think to see natural light, but at that depth it is almost impossible.

The stone crosses are surprising. The tunnels and the atmosphere inside, between altars and colored caverns, is really beautiful.

The light show: absolutely unmissable, an art of the digital age where various figures take shape with hundreds of led lights.

The most beautiful and genuine pieces of emeralds can be found in the commercial area, inside the mine. If you are a lover of this precious stone, you will be amazed by the delicate pieces of jewelry displayed here in the different display cases.

Not to forget the visit, in the commercial area, you will be able to find the most beautiful and unimaginable figures carved in salt; Many souvenirs from the mine and it is almost impossible to resist taking a souvenir of this place that is undoubtedly a true Wonder!

* A zip line, canopy, or zip line is a pulley suspended by cables mounted on a slope or incline. They are designed to be driven by gravity and can slide from top to bottom on a cable, usually stainless steel.
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If you are going to Bogotá for events, this is what to keep in mind

Under a lead gray sky on rainy days and intense blue on sunny mornings, the capital city receives daily national and foreign visitors who come to Bogotá with the interest of participating in conventions, congresses or professional training events. If this is the case for you and your next travel destination is the capital city, the following tips will allow you to better organize your schedule and get the most out of your stay:

• Before traveling, make a conscious budget for your travel and consumption expenses, and other eventualities that could arise unexpectedly. A checklist will be very helpful.

• Find out about the weather before you travel and pack the appropriate clothing for your event. The temperature in Bogotá ranges between 13 ° C and 18 ° C, at night it can drop to lower levels. Keep in mind that the driest months are January, February, March, and December. The rainiest April, May, September, October and November.

• Make sure you choose a hotel with a strategic location that allows you to be closer to the place of your event or that at least has easy access to the different means of transport in the city. This will help you optimize your time moving from one site to another.

• Charge your mobile devices, cell phone, tablet or computer, in advance if you need them and do not forget to always carry your battery charger.

• Be clear about the location of your event, find out in advance about the traffic flow in the city and try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you have a mobile device, help yourself with your GPS system.

• In the case of training activities, choose light and energizing meals at breakfast, in such a way that they allow you to maintain concentration during the day.

• In training events, study your program or the theme to be covered in the event. Read in detail the content of all the communications that are presented in this regard. Leave nothing to improvisation and keep an open mind to knowledge.

• In Bogotá, cultures from all over the country and the world come together, therefore, do not miss the opportunity to meet new people during your event, integrate and interact with the participants. Allow yourself to expand your professional circle, you will be surprised by the wonderful people you will meet.

• Once the event is over and in the comfort of your hotel or on your way home, prepare a document in which everything that seems of interest to you is recorded: relevant presentations, possible research data to open in the future, Emails of the people you have contacted, websites of interest, etc.
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The largest Botanical Garden in Colombia is located in Bogotá

Even when the capital city moves to the rhythm of modern hectic life, Bogotá also has fascinating and ideal places to find tranquility in the midst of chaos. Sites that coexist between asphalt roads and sophisticated concrete buildings.

Visiting the parks, hills and gardens of Bogotá is a perfect plan to share and enjoy the outdoors and nature, and among them, the "José Celestino Mutis" Botanical Garden is one of the jewels that you will undoubtedly enjoy while you are in the capital.

Located in the Bogotá shroud, the largest Botanical Garden in Colombia takes its name from the naturalist, mathematician and astronomer from Cádiz José Celestino Mutis. It covers an area of approximately 19 hectares and is a cultural center founded in 1955.

It is a place of research, education, and leisure. It has specialized workshops in Botany, environmental projects, and exhibitions for lovers of nature and various plant species. Among the objectives of this magical place is to strengthen environmental education in citizens, generate awareness, knowledge and commitment to environmental conservation.

The garden offers guided tours lasting approximately 2 hours, and is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday (Hours enabled here)

The tour proposes a visit through the different collections that are preserved in the Garden, with a focus on the diversity that exists in the Colombian flora and fauna. For this reason, it has different heated greenhouses at different temperatures where the flora of the different regions and thermal floors of the Country is exhibited. Take a photo in the rose collection, one of the most important spaces in the Botanical Garden, which has 73 varieties of this flower among other ornamental species.

With a special program, the garden celebrates on the last Sundays of each month the special Day called Garden at Night, a different plan and with multiple entertainment activities that range from documentary film projections and poetry recitals to musical presentations, gastronomic samples and literary workshops. Generally, entry to this particular event requires registration and is completely free.

To keep in mind:

• Animals, toys or bicycles are not allowed in the garden, as they can affect the collections.
• The garden has a cafeteria - restaurant for the service of its visitors.
• Children 5 years old and under and adults over 62 years old do not pay.
Address: Avenida Calle 63 No. 68-95, Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden Bogotá Colombia.
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